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US lung-on-a-chip could reduce the need for animal testing

Posted on 27/02/2013 by Lynne Burwell in PR and media client news

This week, scientists from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University have won an international prize for their creation of a tiny device that simulates a working human lung and has the potential for reducing the need for animal drug testing.

The “lung-on-a-chip” offers a new in vitro approach to drug screening by mimicking the complex mechanical and chemical behaviours of a human lung, allowing scientists to study the body’s response to lung infections and diseases.

According to Don Ingber, the Institute’s Director, it is believed that this breakthrough represents a first wave of exciting new alternative approaches to animal testing that hopefully will change how drug development is carried out in the future. The researchers are also working on nine other organs-on-chips with the aim of creating a human body-on-a-chip.

This news will certainly be warmly received by one of our clients - Guilt Free Shop - who are about to launch an online shopping portal for products that are not tested on animals. Their exciting range includes loads of wonderful cosmetics, home products and luxury items. It has been really good fun working with them to develop their new branding. Look out for the cute monkey!